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GT80 200cc Orange Midi Off Road BuggyGT80 200cc Orange Midi Off Road BuggyGT80 200cc Orange Midi Off Road BuggyGT80 200cc Orange Midi Off Road BuggyGT80 200cc Orange Midi Off Road BuggyGT80 200cc Orange Midi Off Road Buggy

GT80 200cc Orange Midi Off Road Buggy

  • Model: Bestbic-0105
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GT80 Off Road Buggy

The 200 cc GT80 is our best seller for kids aged 10 and up!

This little buggy will take on all kinds of terrain from steep hills to muddy lanes. It’s a breeze to drive as it’s fully automatic and will provide fun and entertainment for years.

It’s a very popular model in the USA and It’s easy to see why!

The FunBike GT80 is a thrilling machine built to a very high spec and has been consistently improved year on year.

The 196 cc engine has enough power to carry two adults with ease over all sorts of tough terrain. The GT80 is fitted with twin seats with seat belts, allowing two riders to enjoy a great but safe off road experience.

We’ve nicknamed this buggy “Smiler”, because you can’t stop once you’re on board!

Our Best Selling Buggy!

Special Features:

  • Electric start engine
  • Full suspension
  • 2WD live axle
  • Off road tyres
  • Torque converter clutch system
  • Rack and pinion steering
  • Adjustable seats
  • Seat belts
  • Cargo rack
  • Canopy top

Support: Unlike most other online retailers, offer a full backup service and FREE technical support to all of our customers. We stock standard parts for all our bikes and buggies and have an expanding range of performance parts available.

Terrain: The GT80 is designed for full off-road use.

Suitable for 10 years of age and up, the Funbike GT80 Off Road Buggy is fun, safe MIRA Tested and CE approved!


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